Sunday, October 1, 2017

Learning to Crochet

It's been a long while. Guess who has mono again? Me! I think this is my 5th time since August 2014. In order to rest and still feel productive, I've been learning to crochet. My mom is amazing at crocheting and knitting. I want to learn. About 15 years ago I finished my very first afghan. It only took 8 years and truth be told, my mom did like half of it.

Where to begin? Of course, Pinterest!

I found lots and lots of patterns and instructions on how to crochet.

My first project this summer was this baby afghan. I gave it to my sister-in-law who was going to have a little girl.
Double crochet ripple
Next, I made an afghan for myself. 

All double crochet
Then I thought: CHRISTMAS

 Granny stitch

All single crochet with 3 strands of yarn


I'm trying to use different patterns for each afghan, so I can learn the different stitches. I have found that I have to pay close attention to the edges. 

This book has been a great resource! I found it at Joann's. 

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