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Hi there! I'm Esther.
Welcome to Life of a Hungry Runner. This blog is all about running, fitness, food, and life.

Running: I began running in the fall of 2010. I ran my first 5k in January 2011. I ran the Utah Valley half marathon in 2011. In 2012, I was on a Ragnar team and ran the Top of Utah half marathon. Then...I suffered a knee injury and was told I may never run again. With the help of a Orthopedic doctor and physical therapy, I proved them wrong.  I was back to running by the end of 2013. I recently ran the American Fork Canyon half marathon and am training for my first ever MARATHON in September.

Fitness: Overall fitness has helped me lose my baby fat. I told someone this a few months ago and they responded that they knew how hard it was to lose weight after having a baby. My response was "No, this is the fat I was born with". In 2010, I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma. I found that I could do a more intense workout after I used an inhaler. I was able to lose about 35 lbs. The last year, weight had slowly crept back on. I think it's due to my knee injury, cooking more, and passing the 30 year mark. I promised myself that I would keep off the weight. Now, I'm trying to lose what I gained then maybe a little more.

 I wish I was more of a fitness nut, but I'm not. (aka I wish I did more) I enjoy mountain biking, road biking, yoga, spinning, hiking, swimming, and zumba.

Food: I LOVE food. I LOVE cooking and baking. I seem to spend way too much time on Pinterest finding recipes that look good then trying them out. I have a problem eating everything I make, so my neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers are spoiled.

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