Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cherry Goodness

June 24, 2014
Hello! This is my first blog post ever!!! I've been thinking about creating a blog for a while now and finally decided to make the leap. On Saturday I ran the American Fork Canyon half marathon. This was the BEST half marathon that I have ever done. This race raised money for cancer patients that need help paying for their treatments. I ran it in honor of my family and friends that have been lost to cancer, who are fighting cancer, and who are survivors. I got a little choked up reading all the signs on the race route. This race also represented my comeback to running. A year and a half ago I was told that I may never run again. Take that doctors. I did not set a PR, but I was pretty close. My time was 2:15. All I can say is that I am super proud of myself. I've been a little sore the last few days. I may go out for a run tomorrow if all my muscles agree.

Yesterday, I went to my cousin's house and picked LOTS of cherries. After eating a large amount of them, I decided that I needed to do something with them. I borrowed my parents dehydrator and now have half of the cherries drying. I heard that dried cherries are amazing. I sure hope so. I also found a recipe for Fresh Cherry Turnovers with Cream Cheese Crust on recipegirl.com. As soon as I found the recipe I knew I needed to make them right away. So I did. Check it out.

I'm wondering if cherry pie filling would work. What are your thoughts?
 First, I had to climb the cherry tree and pick the cherries.

 I washed and dried them. I also picked out the bad ones.

 Pitting cherries by hand is tough work.

 First time using a dehydrator by myself.

 Who knew that a food processor could make dough. I sure didn't.

 The crust dough was really sticky, so I rolled it between two wax paper sheets.

 The filling.

 The bowl made a perfect circle shape.

 Filling the turnovers with goodness.

 I'm so not a perfectionist.

 Finished product.



  1. This is awesome Esther! Yay for blogging! These cherry hand pies look awesome... I love Recipe Girl.

  2. Karen, you inspired me and still inspire me.