Thursday, July 10, 2014


I've been lacking in motivation lately. After Saturday's run, my knee was slightly swollen. I took Monday and Tuesday off from running. I couldn't help myself though and did the 30 Day Shred both days. Don't worry, I wore my knee brace. It is a little know fact about myself that when I take a day or two off running, it is difficult to start again.

Yesterday, I text a friend that I needed motivation to go running. She responded with the best motivation ever. What was it you ask? "You can do it! Running is fun! You don't want to have to buy new clothes this fall!" That was all the motivation that I needed and within 30 minutes I was out the door. (I had to wait for the thunderstorm and rain to stop.)

At mile 4 it began to downpour. It was the best! Running in the rain is the best...when it is hot outside. Do you like running in the rain? 

Here is a list of my favorite motivation tips. They help me get up and going when I need a little extra push.

  • Text a friend for help.
  • Have an accountability partner that you check in with.
  • Have a partner in crime.
  • Set aside your running/workout clothes the nigh before.
  • If you have trouble waking up, put your alarm clock across the room.
  • Schedule your workout.
  • Create a motivation wall that you look at everyday.
  • Search running/workout motivation on Pinterest (not during workout time).
  • Create a mantra that you say over and over to yourself.
  • Take pictures of yourself along your fitness journey. This way you can see how far you've already gone.
  • Set aside a special healthy treat for after your run/workout.
  • Put a $1 in a jar each time you run/workout. Use the $ to buy new clothes when you reach your goal.
  • Create a reward system. List reward items and what you need to earn them.
  • Remembering how good it feels. 

What motivates you to run/workout when you really don't want to?  


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