Sunday, July 13, 2014

Zucchini Noodles

Last year I purchased a julienne peeler from a Pampered Chef party. I had seen people make zucchini noodles with it and I wanted to try it out. You know, in an effort to eat better. Well, a year has gone by and I finally got around to to trying it. Why did I wait so long?

 I used my julienne peeler and peeled two zucchini down to the seeds. Amazing how the peeler made noodles. I still can't wrap my mind it.

Next, I boiled water and put a dash or two of salt in it.

As the water was boiling, I made the pesto sauce by following the directions on the back of the package.. I really like the Knorr pesto packet. Easy to make and tastes good.

When the pesto sauce was done and the water was boiling, I added the zucchini noodles. Let cook for 30-60 seconds. You'll have to try a noodle or two to make sure they are cooked. If you don't cook them long enough they'll be hard and if you cook them too long, they'll be mushy. I cooked mine just right.

Drain. and mix in sauce.                          
I served my noodles with chicken.

I'm glad I finally made these zucchini noodles. I wouldn't say I loved them over pasta, but I enjoyed eating them. The key is to not compare them to pasta. If you do, you'll be disappointed. I had to think of them as just what they are, delicious zucchini noodles.

Will I make zucchini noodles again? You bet.

How do you prepare your zucchini noodles? Any sauces that you like?

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